Blocking software

Blocking software can be used to limit a users access to certain websites. Some blocks are placed on a specific device (such as a stationary computer or mobile phone) while others are placed in such a way that no one who uses this particular WiFi to connect to internet can reach these websites.

If you want to cut yourself off from gambling online, you need to cut yourself off in as many ways as possible. It will be difficult because you are trying to outsmart yourself.

  • Only blocking gambling sites on your phone is not ideal, because you will be tempted to use any other device in the household to gamble.
  • Only blocking gambling sites on the WiFi level is not ideal, because you will be tempted to seek out other internet connections, e.g. by going to restaurants that offer free WiFi to customers.

Naturally, if you use methods that rely on a password, you need to ask someone else to do the blocking for you since you can’t have the password.

Two kinds of blocking software

blockThere are two kinds of blocking software that can be useful:

  • Gambling-specific blocking software
  • General blocking software

Gambling-specific blocking software has been developed specifically to block computer users form accessing gambling sites.

General blocking software is designed to let the super-user block other users from any kind of sites that the super-user wants to block. In this category, we find a lot of blocking software intended for parents (to keep the kids away from certain types of content) and employers (to restrict employee use of the computers).

Both types of software have their pros and cons, and sometimes you need to use a combo of both to get the best result.

Blocking software for mobile devices

To find blocking software for mobile devices, such as smarpthones and tablets, go to a designated place for apps.

  • For Apple devices, go to the Apple App Store. This is for devices such as iPhone & iPad. Please note that they also come with built-in blocking tools.
  • For Android devices, go to Google Play.

Examples of blocking software

This is just a few examples of availble blocking software. The list is by no means exhaustive. It is important that you do your own research to find products that are ideal for your specific situation and preferences.

  • NetNannyA general blocking software intended for parents, but useful in many other situations as well.
  • GambanThis blocking software was specifically developed to block gambling sites and gambling content (since content can be triggering too).
  • GamblockAnother example of a blocking software targeting gambling sites and content.
  • BetfilterAnother example of a blocking software targeting gambling sites and content.

Contact your ISP

In addition to using blocking software, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask if they can block your connection from gambling sites. In some cases, you can’t specifically block only gambling – you have to opt out of all “adult content”.

Also note that some Internet Service Providers offers a free anti-virus program where you can block certain sites manually and password protect this setting.


In addition to using blocking software, it is a good idea to use the self-exclusion service that all serious gambling sites offer.

Don’t just self-exclude yourself on the sites where you already have an account; be proactive and self-exclude yourself from other sites as well if possible. You should ask a friend to help with this, since visiting gambling sites and being bombarded with their adds can be very triggering.

You can read more on our page about self-exlusion.

Make is more complicated to deposit money

Sometimes, a little time to re-think is all we need to make a better decision. Therefore, it is a good idea to make it complicated for yourself to deposit money into a gambling account. You will most likely find ways around it if you really want to, but it will take extra time, and that time will hopefully be enough to weaken the impulse to gamble.

  • If possible, get rid of the credit cards and get a classic ATM card or cash card that is useless for online transactions.
  • Some banks, including Monzo and Starling, offer a service where you can block gambling transactions.
  • Remove all your accounts with services such as Neteller, Skrill, etc.